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According to the mental health charity Mind, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. That’s a lot of people and that’s just in the UK.

Being an ASMR content creator, I know that many people take refuge in ASMR videos when suffering from ill mental health, due to ASMR’s calming and nurturing effect.

Many people suffering from ill mental health reach out to ASMRtists to thank them for helping them through difficult times.

Asking for support can be extremely scary for some people suffering from ill mental health, that’s why it is important to continue the conversation to let you know that it’s a sign of strength to say ‘I’m not okay’.

Cue the It’s Okay campaign.

The It’s Okay campaign highlights ASMRtists amazing work on ending the mental health stigma. Created by me, Cheryl ASMR, to keep the conversation going to encourage YOU to openly speak about your experiences.


The It’s Okay campaign lets you know that it’s okay to say you’re not okay.

Please note, ASMR is not professional therapy. If you’re suffering from ill mental health, always seek professional help by speaking to your doctor. More information can be found on the NHS website.

I Hope You're Looking After Yourself! 

I'm Cheryl ASMR,  a content creator and advocate for the ASMR community.

The ASMR community has grown rapidly since I started falling asleep to ASMR videos on YouTube more than 6 years ago.

It’s amazing to see the mainstream media is now reporting on our wonderful world of triggers and tingles and people have FINALLY stopped calling this incredible sensation weird.

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